Global stocks fell 6.0% during May which resulted in year‐to‐date returns now standing at 9.1%. China (‐13.1%) was among the worst performing markets during the month amid escalating trade tensions. Bonds were broadly positive with short‐term (+0.4%), intermediate‐term (+1.3%), TIPS (+1.7%), and international bonds (+1.5%) all posting gains for the month. Alternatives were down during May with commodities (‐3.4%) struggling the most. 


  •  The Consumer Price Index rose to 2.0% in the latest report, while unemployment fell further to 3.6%.
  • The Consumer Confidence Index jumped five points in May which is the second consecutive month with a meaningful rise.
  • Treasury yields fell which caused portions of the yield curve to further invert.


  • The S&P 500 lost 6.4% while U.S. small stocks struggled even more with a ‐7.8% return. Energy was the worst performing sector, down 11.1% during May.
  • Returns across international stock markets varied widely with China (‐13.1%) among the worst performing markets. Russia (+3.6%) was one of the few markets with a positive month.


  • Bond returns were modestly positive in May, with TIPS (+1.7%) and international bonds (+1.5%) leading the way.
  • Corporate high‐yield bonds (‐1.2%) were the lone weak spot during the month. The 10‐year U.S. Treasury yield ended the month at 2.2%, a substantial decline from the month before.


  • REITs, commodities, and reinsurance all struggled during May. Commodities (‐3.4%) were the worst performers while REITs (‐0.2%) were just barely negative. Managed futures (+0.7%) were the lone positive.

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Sources: St. Louis Federal Reserve, Morningstar 

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